Whitney Wolfe Gets To The Heart Of Bumble Lawsuit

Things are heating up as the competition between Tinder and Bumble take the center stage. There are a ton of dating apps like Hinge, Christians Mingle, BlackPeopleMeet, Plenty of Fish, and OkCupid. All of these apps are similar in that people tend to swipe left for those that they do not like and they swipe right for people that they are interested in.

Tinder and Bumble have this commonality. This is what the parent group of Tinder is trying to sue Whitney work for, but several apps have this same structure. There are claims that a lot of the structure for Bumble is the exact same as the structure for Tinder. There definitely are some similarities, but Whitney Wolfe has the perfect explanation for this.

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Whitney Wolfe has always stated that she was more than just another pretty face in the office at Tinder. Even though she did not get the credit that she felt she rightfully deserved Whitney Wolfe has always stated that she was one of the co-creators of Tinder. Her inability to get the credit for her hard work is one of the main reasons that she decided to leave Tinder. It is also the reason that made plans to utilize a similar platform that she helped create for her own site.

Whitney Wolfe does not believe that this type of lawsuit has any type of validity because she has been such a major contributor to Tinder. It is the work that she did with the site that has helped her become as popular as it is.

If there is any possibility that this lawsuit goes through it is almost a given that Whitney Wolfe, Salt Lake City entrepreneur with a plethora of business ideas up her sleeve, will strike back with a lawsuit of her own. It has been stated recently that Tinder is in the process of creating a platform where women make the first move. This is exactly what Whitney Wolfe did with Bumble to make this app stand out.

If their lawsuit has any type of grounds for suing Whitney Wolfe will easily have the same ability to counter-sue with a lawsuit where Tinder is essentially copying the Bumble dating app platform structure.

The Rival is definitely intense, and the talk about these apps continues to build more discussion about the strength of dating apps for the technology-based millennial generation and beyond.