Roberto Santiago Created Brazil’s Greatest Mall

Mr. Roberto Santiago is probably the most popular entrepreneur in the Brazilian state of Paraiba as well as one of the most highly regarded businessmen in the country as a whole. He is the man behind the shopping mall Manaira Shopping which is located in Joao Pessoa.


In terms of education, Mr. Roberto Santiago attended the Pio X- Marist College, and after that, he became a student at the University Center on Joao Pessoa. Mr. Roberto Santiago graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.


At the beginning of his career, Mr. Roberto Santiago was wording at a decor factory called Cafe Santa Rosa. Mr. Roberto Santiago, however, wanted to pursue a career in business instead and so he decided to move on from that jb and start working on his own company called Cartonnage Factory which sold carton made of cardboard. Later the company grew and started producing a number of decorative products as well.


Mr. Roberto Santiago soon was able to put away a part of the profits of his business, and so he started investing in the industry of real estate. That next step in his career was a faithful one as it led him to where he is today. Mr. Roberto Santiago developed an idea that he was enthusiastic about. He wanted to do property development and build a place for people to spend a lot of time and have fun with their friends and families. That is how Mr. Roberto Santiago started working towards establishing the Manaira Shopping mall.


In 1987, Mr. Roberto Santiago was finally able o put a start to his dream. He bought a land and started building. Two years later, the mall was launched in 1989. The Manaira Shopping Mall was a huge success. The building had to be expanded every couple of years in order to increase its capacity for the millions of clients that visited. Up to date, The Manaira Shopping Mall has 280 stores build across 75 000 square meters.


One of the most impressive features about the Manaira Shopping Mall is how versatile it is. The mall was not constructed only for shopping. The primary purpose of the mall is to provide people with endless entertainment. That is why the mall sports a number of movie theaters completed with a private V. I. P area. There is also a few gyms and pools, as well as a food court, a gaming area, and even a financial institution and a college.


The Manaira Shopping Mall is one of a kind. It is the largest one in Brazil. Mr. Roberto Santiago is extremely proud of his creation. He was 58 years old when he established the mall. Currently, he likes to spend most of his time there soaking up the atmosphere.