PodcastOne Founder Norman Pattiz Shares Results Of Groundbreaking Advertising Study

As the PodcastOne executive chairman and founder, Norman Pattiz was in a unique position to team up with Edison Research to conduct an entirely new study on the effects of advertising. Joining forces with Edison’s VP of Strategy Tom Webster, Pattiz analyzed the effects of podcast advertising on five major brands and uncovered some startling findings.

One of the most startling findings conducted on PodcastOne audiences was the increase in memory recall in naming a specific grocery brand. Prior to airing the advertising campaign, only 7% of listeners could name the desired products, while post-campaign findings produced a 60% memory recall.

Broken down into sectors, Norman shared the finding that financial services topped memory recall among participants at 47% with the automobile sector trailing behind with 37% of listeners recalling specific brand names.

Additionally, 22% of participants said they were likely to buy lawn and garden care products, as opposed to 18% in the pre-campaign study.

Norman Pattiz was pleased to share the results of this study, because, overall, it supports his long-standing belief that podcasts present a format in which advertisers can have the maximum impact.

“These results further validate our multi-tiered approach to integrated advertising and measurement,” said the PodcastOne founder.

Speaking for Edison Research, Webster says he was excited to participate in the study, because of the implications the findings have produced. Now, there’s a clearer picture of the impact of podcast advertising and that suggests a more promising future for attracting new businesses to advertising on podcasts.

Norman Pattiz has long history in the radio business, before coming to the fairly new podcast ventures. He worked with Westwood One and, under Norman’s leadership, that company grew to become a national leader in news, sports, entertainment, talk, and traffic radio programs. Pattiz followed his Westwood One successes up with the founding of Courtside Entertainment Group, a provider of content for a variety of radio formats.

In 2013, Mr. Pattiz saw the next coming thing and founded PodcastOne, his own vision for on-demand radio broadcasting. Today, PodcastOne has grown into a multi-formatted broadcasting alternative, boasting on-air personalities such as Kathie Lee Gifford, Dan Patrick, Brandi Glanville, Adam Carolla, Dr. Drew, Steve Austin, Dennis Miller, Jay Mohr, and Jillian Michaels. Norman’s podcast company also hosts NPR New York and NPR Los Angeles.

The National Radio Hall of Fame inducted Norman Pattiz in 2009 and he has also received the Giants of Broadcasting Award from the Library of American Broadcasting.


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