Dick Devos: Education and Transformation for Michigan

Dick Devos is a successful and charitable man of business. Throughout his career, he has held many executive roles. Dick Devos has held executive roles at Amway, The Windquest Group, and with NBA team, Orlando Magic. These roles are very important, but there is something just ads important on the list for Dick Devos, and that is education reform.


Every parent should have a choice to enroll their child in which ever school they choose, and which ever school they feel is best for their child. This is something Dick Devos, along side his wife of over 38 years, Betsy Devos, feel strongly about. It is an issue they have been working on for more than a decade.


There has been progress in some states with additions of tax credits, vouchers, and education savings accounts. This has helped over 250,000 students receive a quality education that they may not have other wise had the opportunity to receive.


The idea of helping children receive the best education possible, and assist primarily low income families with tuition was brought to light when the Devos’ children were school aged themselves. The Devos knew they could enroll their children in any school they desired, but knew some parents really sacrificed financially to pay for tuition. They saw this first hand at Potter’s House Christian School.


At Potter’s House, the Devos started by helping individual families with their educational needs, but that quickly grew to helping many students from low income families. Now, the Devos contribute substantially to Potter’s House in support of many students receiving a quality education.


Dick Devos has contributed to the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan through the Education Freedom Fund, the West Michigan Aviation Academy, and by serving on the State Board of Education.


The Education Freedom Fund awards scholarships to underprivileged children in the state of Michigan. To date, they have awarded more than 4,000 scholarships. The West Michigan Aviation Academy includes a rigorous curriculum with a focus on aviation. This will prepare many students looking to this as a future career choice.


Dick Devos has also contributed and chaired in the Grand Rapids downtown revitalization board which has lead to many great improvements for the downtown area. Dick Devos dedicates time and effort into improving education, the city of Grand Rapids, and the state of Michigan. The Devos hope their efforts will influence other states to do the same when in regards to education.


Visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/ to learn more.