Daniel Taub a role model Israeli diplomat

Daniel Taub is a leading diplomat from Israel. He is also an international lawyer who has accomplished a lot. His biggest accomplishment is serving as an ambassador for having of Israel in the United Kingdom. Daniel Taub was born in 1962 in the United States. He attended school in the United Kingdom and the United States. He moved to Israel in 1989. His first duty after he moved into the country was to serve in the military. He served in the Israeli Defense Forces for a number of years before moving to better roles. As a qualified international lawyer in counter-terrorism and laws of war, he had bigger duties waiting for him in the government. His time in the government would be spent serving in the ministry of foreign affairs.



Taub had a number of riles that he had he was mandated to carry out under the ministry. He held various offices in legal and diplomatic fields. Daniel Taub served as a deputy principal legal adviser in the ministry of foreign affairs. He was also a special advisor to the delegation team that represented Israel at the United Nations headquarters in New York and Geneva. Daniel Taub had even appointed to serve in this office in 2011. He served for 4 years. He left the office of the ambassador in 2015.



Daniel Taub made history as an ambassador. He made achievements that had not been seen before. Daniel Taub was diligent in his work and represented his country in the best way possible. He was keen to serve Israel in the area of interests. When he joined the office in the U.K he came in knowing that he had a big role to play has been a former citizen of the United Kingdom. He wanted to show appreciation to the United Kingdom that had raised him and his children. He wanted to make the relations between these two countries the best it could.



One area of achievement that Daniel Taub worked on is the trade. In his four years trade between the United Kingdom and Israel doubled. According to the reports that were released by his office before he left the country, he showed that trade went to over $7 billion in a year. United Kingdom secretary of business, skills, and innovations described the relations between the two countries at the end of Daniel Taub’s tenure as one that marked the beginning of a golden era. The two countries had laid a strong foundation for cooperation.


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