Adam Milstein in Philanthropy

Adam Milstein is an investor, philanthropist and a pro-Israel activist. As an activist, his focus is on strengthening the Jews and Israel. He has also invested extensively in real estate. Adam Milstein is the managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties. The enterprise operates as a US based commercial real estate investment firm. Israel being his homeland, Adam participates in funding, consulting and partnership development to support his community’s continuity and development. He is also the co-founder and national chairman of the Israeli-American Council, IAC. His role here includes chairing the national expansion of the Council.


In 1978, philanthropist Adam Milstein graduated from the Technion having worked in IDF during the Yom Kippur War. He then joined the USC for his MBA in entrepreneurship and graduated in 1981. Two years later, his career kicked off in Southern California as a real estate commercial broker. A typical characteristic in real estate that Milstein points out is that demand is always so high compared to supply; supply rises some years later. Market value fluctuations are also a common trend in this industry. Throughout his career as an investor, he has attributed his success to persistence, follow-up, and consistency.

Adam Milstein is a member of several boards including Hasbara Fellowships, Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, AIPAC National Council, the Israel on Campus Coalition, Jewish Funders Network, StandWithUs, and AISH Los Angeles.


Together with his wife Gila Milstein, they have helped many through their charity works. They are co-founders of Adam & Gila Milstein Family Foundation and Sifriyat Pijama B’America. They also support over 100 organizations and programs through charity donations. Sifriyat Pijama B’America operates as a nongovernmental and nonprofit establishment that provides the Israeli-Jewish Americans with Hebrew books on a monthly basis. The organization has distributed these books to over 15,000 Jews living in the US for teaching and upholding their values. The Milstein Family Foundation operates based on three core principles namely; Life Path Impact, Active Philanthropy, and Philanthropic Synergy. Adam Milstein was recently named in the list of 200 Most Influential Do-Gooders in the world. He says that philanthropy is what offers him the greatest satisfaction.

Adam Milstein’s Quest for a United Israeli-American community

Adam Milstein is a prosperous real estate investor who has used his entrepreneurial success to positively impact on other people’s lives through philanthropic works. Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel, where he served at Israeli army during the Yom Kippur War. After completing his mandatory army service, he proceed to Technion Israeli Institute of Technology where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business and economics. While in college, he worked in his father’s real estate business where he gained invaluable experience that has enabled him to succeed in the real estate sector. In 1981, Milstein’s family relocated to U.S., where he joined University of Southern California and graduated with an MBA in entrepreneurship.


While studying at USC, Milstein discovered that what most employers were offering did not match his expectations as an MBA graduate. Surprisingly, the offer was even lower than what some undergraduate students were being paid. This prompted him to venture into his private business; he started off as a real estate commercial broker. Through consistency, persistence and follow-up, Milstein advanced to become a successful real estate investor. He attributes his success in the real estate business to his hard work and his ability to shun criticism of skeptics in his line of business. Today, Milstein is the managing partner for Hager Pacific Properties, a private real estate firm that specializes in investment and management of industrial and commercial properties across the U.S.


Adam Milstein has also received accolades for his extensive philanthropic involvements. He is the co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, an organization that offers supportive services to other charity organizations that promote Jewish education, Jewish continuity and Pro-Israel advocacy. His philanthropic services range from partnership development, consulting and fundraising programs.


Milstein is also the co-founder and Chairman of the Israeli-American Council, an organization whose goal is to build an engaged and united Israeli-American community. In addition, he is a board member of StandWithUs, the Israel on Campus Coalition, Jewish Funders, Hasbara Fellowships, Network, AISH Los Angeles, Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel, and AIPAC National Council. Moreover, Milstein is a co-founder of Sifriyat Pijama B’America.