Richard Blair Grows and Protects Investments With Wealth Solutions

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, a service firm that offers financial advice to investors. WS operates in Austin, Texas and holds a Registered Investment Advisory registry certificate. With this company, prospective clients have a resourceful partner that they can go to if they need professional and informed advice on the best place to put their money in. Its founder carries many certifications to prove that his financial advice can be counted upon. His certificates include CFS, RICP, CES and CAS.



The advice that Blair dishes out to his clients enabled these clients to manage, protect and grow their assets. Without his help, investors may put their money in questionable projects that will not only waste their time, but their hard-earned dollars as well. As his many certifications can attest, Richard Blair can dispense effective and informed financial advice. He has been doing this for the past 20 years. His financial advices are highly individualized and very comprehensive allowing his clients to get financial plans that exactly suits them. He can be called upon to give his services in most of the areas in Austin, Texas including New Braunfels, Houston, Georgetown, Marble Falls and Bastrop.



By using his wealth of experience in financing and investment, Blair can quickly determine the client’s current condition and his retirement needs. Once he gets the real financial picture of the client, Blair will readily map out a holistic financial plan which he customizes to the client’s actual situation. Blair uses the three pillar approach in helping his clients achieve their financial goals. The first of the three pillars will help the client create his own financial road map. With pillar number two, the client will be able to formulate a long-term strategy that will suit his needs for investment. The last pillar will provide a safety net for the client’s investments by factoring in his need for insurance. With all three pillars in a client’s plan of action, there will be no reason why the client can’t achieve his financial objectives.



Blair’s interest in the area of financial education was indirectly inspired by his mother and grandmother. Both were teachers by profession and Blair saw them grow in their confidence in teaching what they taught through their long years of experience. He combined his love for financing with his newfound ways of teaching and built Wealth Solutions in 1949. From then on, he has continuously dished out wise financial advices to his clients that improved and protected their growing investments.


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