Sussex Healthcare Welcomes New CEO And New Gym Facility

Sussex has recently names a new CEO; Amanda Morgan-Taylor has joined Sussex Healthcare. As their new CEO, she has already created change within the company. Amanda Morgan-Taylor has already named a new Director of Quality, Compliance and Service Improvement.

About Amanda Morgan-Taylor

Amanda Morgan-Taylor first entered the medical industry as a nurse in the 1980s. She has the experience to guide Sussex Healthcare to a brighter future. During her previous positions in the medical industry, she learned exactly what it takes to work progressively with a team.

She has pledged to make herself available to patients and customers. Her choice as CEO is an indicator that Sussex Healthcare is completely devoted to the happiness and well-being of their patients and residents.


About Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is a group of retirement home communities in the United Kingdom. The company was created in April of 1998 after a merger between East Surrey Healthcare and Crawley Horsham.

Sussex Healthcare provides 20 living and nursing homes. Sussex Healthcare’s homes are not only limited to the healthy; Individuals with neurological disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s are welcome in Sussex’s facilities as well.

Sussex Healthcare’s facilities are filled with the most professional nurses in the industry. The nurses are tasked with providing exactly what each patients needs. Nurses provide specialized experiences and healthcare for each and every individual.

Recently, Sussex opened up a brand new gym that is specially outfitted to support the elderly and disabled. The gym is located in West Sussex. The gym contains elliptical machines, free weights, stationary bikes, underwater treadmills and a current pool. Hot tubs are near the pool for hydro therapeutic purposes.

The gym is completely staffed by expert trainers. Many of the trainers in the facility are trained professionally in specific subjects. The staff works cooperatively to come out with a work-out plan for each individual patient of Sussex Healthcare.

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Whitney Wolfe Gets To The Heart Of Bumble Lawsuit

Things are heating up as the competition between Tinder and Bumble take the center stage. There are a ton of dating apps like Hinge, Christians Mingle, BlackPeopleMeet, Plenty of Fish, and OkCupid. All of these apps are similar in that people tend to swipe left for those that they do not like and they swipe right for people that they are interested in.

Tinder and Bumble have this commonality. This is what the parent group of Tinder is trying to sue Whitney work for, but several apps have this same structure. There are claims that a lot of the structure for Bumble is the exact same as the structure for Tinder. There definitely are some similarities, but Whitney Wolfe has the perfect explanation for this.


Whitney Wolfe has always stated that she was more than just another pretty face in the office at Tinder. Even though she did not get the credit that she felt she rightfully deserved Whitney Wolfe has always stated that she was one of the co-creators of Tinder. Her inability to get the credit for her hard work is one of the main reasons that she decided to leave Tinder. It is also the reason that made plans to utilize a similar platform that she helped create for her own site.

Whitney Wolfe does not believe that this type of lawsuit has any type of validity because she has been such a major contributor to Tinder. It is the work that she did with the site that has helped her become as popular as it is.

If there is any possibility that this lawsuit goes through it is almost a given that Whitney Wolfe, Salt Lake City entrepreneur with a plethora of business ideas up her sleeve, will strike back with a lawsuit of her own. It has been stated recently that Tinder is in the process of creating a platform where women make the first move. This is exactly what Whitney Wolfe did with Bumble to make this app stand out.

If their lawsuit has any type of grounds for suing Whitney Wolfe will easily have the same ability to counter-sue with a lawsuit where Tinder is essentially copying the Bumble dating app platform structure.

The Rival is definitely intense, and the talk about these apps continues to build more discussion about the strength of dating apps for the technology-based millennial generation and beyond.

What The Chainsmokers Can Do Next

There is plenty to look at when you see the Chainsmokers and realize that the music duo has plenty of hits in its past yet still manages to have plenty to leave us wanting more. They have made themselves some of the most respected music producers out there by giving the world their unique take on music. That is why this duo is going to make a big impression with their next album. They’ve shown they can get college crowds going and they’ve shown they know how to make people dance to music in concerts worldwide. The next move is to find a way to turn that into something more serious.

As we grow older we decide that we want to do different things that what we did as in our youth. We may have spent our youth at parties but we certainly don’t want to do that forever. This is why the Chainsmokers have decided to use this darker direction. It represents a change from just about everything they have done before. That maturity is going to help them find a new audience and expand as their traditional audience gets older and decides they want to enjoy something different. This is how musicians develop legacies that will continue onward.

You don’t need to look far to see examples of the Chainsmokers and why they’ve created so much buzz. There is a unique way of doing music this duo has perfected and that only they can deliver. The crowds certainly it but they may need to some variety in order to keep up at the end of the day. We can’t say for certain how the crowds are going to respond to this but they should see it in a positive light. It’s a new direction for the Chainsmokers and they are eager to let everyone know this. The time and devotion put into this recent single is something on par with the efforts they made when they first tried to enter the industry. It’s only a matter of time before we things even greater than we are seeing now.

Keeping Yourself Financially Secure During Inglation With The U.S Money Reserve

Changing economies can be a hard thing to deal with, and inflation that results out of this can surely cause chaos in the lives of people all over. Inflation generally refers to the increase in the cost of goods and services, while the income of people drops. The value of currency during this time also goes down, and people have to spend more and save less during this period.



Inflation does not only have an effect on your savings but your entire buying potential. If a person wants to take a loan to buy a house during this time, they would end up paying more interest, which could make their entire purchase a lot more expensive. Overall, it affects the economy in every facet, making it harder for people to cope with the market changes.



One of the best ways to reduce the effects that inflation has on an individual is to prep for it when the economy is good and make investments that can help secure yourself during this period and if inflation is to hit the economy. However, it is important to make investments that will be able to stay afloat even if the economy goes bad. Things like real estate and currency investments may not always work out well since those are things that tend to deteriorate when inflation hits.



One of the best ways to invest and secure your future, even in the face is inflation is by investing in precious metals like gold and silver. Because of the limited nature of these metals, the price of them only goes up with time. Even if inflation hits, the rates of these metals don’t drop a significant amount and is something that will always pick itself back up after the period has ended. Moreover, when inflation strikes, if the price of gold and silver does increase, the person stands to make a profit on their initial investment.



While this may the ideal course of investments for one to take when inflation strikes, it is one of those things that people often need assistance with to be able to do right. It is essential to always buy your gold and silver bonds from a reputed source that knows how to go about the process.



The U.S Money Reserve is one such organization that has been assisting people with their gold bond purchases for several years. The company stands as one of the leading names of its kind and offers its services out of their headquarters in Texas, and via their website for the rest of the country. The U.S Money Reserve stands to guide all the customers who come to them and help them make the right kind of investments that will reap benefits for them in multiple situations. The company has a pool of incredibly proficient individuals who are experienced at what they do, and are able to provide the customers with sound advice regarding the path that they can take when trying to carry out this kind of investments.



Changing Prison Security Requirements and the Wireless Containment System from Securus Technologies

Prisons across the world face numerous challenges especially considering the presence of gang members and born criminals. When it comes to the United States, I can say that the condition is no different, and the presence of criminal gangs in the country’s prison pose bigger threats to prison security as well as the safety of prison officials. It is not new that prison officials face attacks and even attempts of murders by criminal gang members largely due to stricter implementation of jail rules. Especially in the wake of the recent technology revolution in the communication sector, the prison security vulnerability has gone manifold and became a major area of concern in the recent years.



The most visible incident in the recent years was the attack towards a Lee Correctional Institution’s prison official. Robert Johnson was serving the South Carolina-based correction center for almost 15 years when he was attacked in 2010 for confiscating a contraband package. The package was deemed to be delivered to a criminal gang member. Within two weeks of the confiscation of the package, Johnson received heavy gun blows while he was at his home. It was a narrow escape from the possible death, and he took a few years to recover from the injuries of attack. I can confirm that it was one of the many attacks that were targeting either prison officials or their relatives by the associates of inmates on various issues.



The investigation agencies found that the criminal gang member was setting up the attack against Johnson for confiscating the package. The inmate was contacting the attackers using a contraband cell phone to instruct them for attacking Johnson. The incident showed the vulnerability of prisons when it comes to modern communication technology. After recovering from the attack, Johnson started raising voice against contraband phones. With his mission to come up with a smart technology to control such phone calls, Johnson decided to collaborate with Securus Technologies, the leading player in prison technology solutions, by starting to work as a paid consultant.



Securus came up with a unique Wireless Containment System that can control the inmate call attempts through contraband phones. Per the official information I read, the system generates a network over every prison where it gets installed. The technology option smartly filters all the incoming and outgoing calls in that network and blocks the call attempts of inmates to anonymous or suspicious numbers.



I cross-verified the efficiency of the system and found that it is producing excellent results. A data published by Securus showed that the WCS filtered nearly 1.7 million unauthorized and illegal attempts of call for one year period. Interestingly, the data was pertaining to just eight prisons it was deployed in the initial phase, and the firm counted the numbers from July 2016.



Richard Blair Grows and Protects Investments With Wealth Solutions

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, a service firm that offers financial advice to investors. WS operates in Austin, Texas and holds a Registered Investment Advisory registry certificate. With this company, prospective clients have a resourceful partner that they can go to if they need professional and informed advice on the best place to put their money in. Its founder carries many certifications to prove that his financial advice can be counted upon. His certificates include CFS, RICP, CES and CAS.



The advice that Blair dishes out to his clients enabled these clients to manage, protect and grow their assets. Without his help, investors may put their money in questionable projects that will not only waste their time, but their hard-earned dollars as well. As his many certifications can attest, Richard Blair can dispense effective and informed financial advice. He has been doing this for the past 20 years. His financial advices are highly individualized and very comprehensive allowing his clients to get financial plans that exactly suits them. He can be called upon to give his services in most of the areas in Austin, Texas including New Braunfels, Houston, Georgetown, Marble Falls and Bastrop.



By using his wealth of experience in financing and investment, Blair can quickly determine the client’s current condition and his retirement needs. Once he gets the real financial picture of the client, Blair will readily map out a holistic financial plan which he customizes to the client’s actual situation. Blair uses the three pillar approach in helping his clients achieve their financial goals. The first of the three pillars will help the client create his own financial road map. With pillar number two, the client will be able to formulate a long-term strategy that will suit his needs for investment. The last pillar will provide a safety net for the client’s investments by factoring in his need for insurance. With all three pillars in a client’s plan of action, there will be no reason why the client can’t achieve his financial objectives.



Blair’s interest in the area of financial education was indirectly inspired by his mother and grandmother. Both were teachers by profession and Blair saw them grow in their confidence in teaching what they taught through their long years of experience. He combined his love for financing with his newfound ways of teaching and built Wealth Solutions in 1949. From then on, he has continuously dished out wise financial advices to his clients that improved and protected their growing investments.


Connect with Richard Blair on LinkedIn.

How the US Money Reserve is Helping People

The US Money Reserve does so much more than just offer products to sell that people can invest in. Instead, they offer a full-service experience that gives everyone the chances they need to invest their money. They know what they need to do and they know there are things they can do to provide people with the options that will help them. They have worked with many investors so they will be able to give them the things they need and will be able to show them how things will continue to get better. For US Money Reserve, this is how they are going to do their business right. They know it will not always be easy for the people who are in these situations to get the help they need but they also know there will be different ways for people to try and make things better. As long as US Money Reserve is doing their best with the options they have, they know what it will take and how they can give people the right things that will help them.


By doing all of this, US Money Reserve continues to serve their customers. They want their customers to realize they can try things the right way and they can experience the best of everything there is to offer in different situations. For US Money Reserve, this is part of how they can do things the right way and it allows them the chance to show people what is going to make a difference. For those who are in the industry, there are many chances they can take advantage of.


As long as US Money Reserve is doing their best, they know there will be things they can change about the situations they are in. They also know there will be opportunities people can take advantage of so they don’t have to worry about their global risks. By doing the things that will help protect against global risks, US Money Reserve knows they are going to keep giving people the things that will help them.


For the company to do this, they feel confident they can make everything better. They also feel good about what they are doing and how they are giving back to the community they have worked with for years. It is their own way of making sure people understand what they are doing and how they are doing it right.

Securus Technologies resolves to fight spread of contraband cell phones in prisons

The cellular phone has been one of the major innovations that has allowed for the extremely high standard of living seen not only in America but also throughout the world. Today, someone in Harare can talk, face-to-face, with someone in Harlem, as if the two were not geographically separated at all. This incredible shrinking of the world, making it possible for anyone to instantly communicate with anyone else anywhere on the globe, has been a major driver of economic development and a force for increased education and the sharp reduction of extreme poverty.


In fact, the role that cellular technologies have played in the global economy almost cannot be overstated. In first world countries, nearly everyone has access to smart phones, meaning that all of the world’s knowledge and people are at the very fingertips of the user. This level of interconnectedness, field-leveling in terms of educational opportunities and instant, high-quality communications with anyone in the world is one of the defining characteristics of the modern era.


However, the proliferation, cheapening and incredible increase in features and utility of modern cellular devices has not been good for absolutely everyone. One of the few areas that have been decisively adversely affected by the ever-shrinking cell phone is the U.S. prison industry. Cell phones started becoming a serious problem for America’s prison system in the late 1990s. For the first time, Cell phones became small enough to be easily concealed almost anywhere. They also lowered in cost dramatically, with many service providers beginning to give away cellular devices for free with new sign-ups to their plans.


This created enormous headaches for the nation’s prisons system. Criminal gangs quickly recognized the opportunity that cheap, effective and reliable means of communications with the outside world would provide. Highly organized gangs, such as the Aryan Brotherhood, the Mexican Mafia and the Black Guerrilla Family quickly seized on the opportunity that these cell phones afforded. Before long, gangs were ordering large-scale criminal enterprises to be carried out on the outside of prison by their associates. These included conducing large drug deals, intimidating key witnesses in major conspiracy cases and even ordering hits on prison staff.


The problem of contraband cell phones continued to spiral out of control throughout the 2000s. By the mid-2010s, the scourge of contraband phones in the nation’s prisons reached epidemic proportions. Due to their ability to coordinate with the outside world, gangs were getting the upper hand throughout many of the most violent prisons in the nation. Something needed to be done.


Then Securus Technologies began rolling out its Wireless Containment System. The device is able to block all calls being placed from illegal devices. It promises to permanently end the ongoing catastrophe that the presence of illegal cell phones in the nation’s prisons has created.


Shafik Sachedina Brings Attention To Issues With Healthcare And Improves Sussex Healthcare

Shafik Sachedina has made sure he can help people who are in the Sussex Healthcare system. He has worked hard to make sure he is giving people the opportunities they deserve. The way that Shafik Sachedina has seen things has given him the chance to make sure he is helping people.

The point of him working with the company is to provide valuable help and he knows that is part of what he does as a person who is active in the hospital community. For Shafik Sachedina, this is something that has given him the motivation to keep working hard and giving back to the people who do things like this.

Sussex Healthcare has continued to thrive and Shafik Sachedina knew that would be the point of running things. He also knew he would need to try his best to give attention to different areas of business. As long as Sachedina was doing things the right way, he was going to continue helping people through the different business aspects of things. There have been so many ways in which Shafik Sachedina can give the community what they are looking for instead of worrying about the issues people have had in the past.

As long as Shafik Sachedina is doing the best thing for the business, he feels he can help people and give them what they are looking for. He has always tried to mix business and medical opportunities and that’s what has paid off for him.


He knows what to do with business but he also knows how he can help patients feel better about their lives. Because of this, he is a good influence on the community and on the people who are a part of the community. It has given him everything he needs to feel better about different things.

For Shafik Sachedina, this means he has to try and help people through different situations. He knows there are other things that are at play in the industry and knows there will be things he can do to help people through the issues they are having. Shafik Sachedina likes to give back to the community and likes people to know what they are doing no matter what issues they have or what they are suffering from at the time. Everything he does is for the patients and how he can make things better for them in Sussex.


Founder of the successful hedge fund, Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi was the founder of the successful hedge fund called the Kerrisdale Capital Management. Since founding the company at around 2009, Sahm Adrangi has been undertaking various aspects in as much as the growth and development of the business is concerned. During its launch, Kerrisdale was under $ 1 million as compared to the current amount of about $150 million that was recorded in July 2017.

Mr. Adrangi has been activist for numerous investments. A case example was in 2013 when he teamed up with Lindsay Corporation management with the intention of maximizing the company’s funds deployment in addition to adoption of relevant policies. A year later, in 2014 he led a successful proxy contest that would replace some leaders of Morgans Hotel Group with two leaders from his criticism.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Economics degree from the Yale University, Sahm Adrangi’s career life started in the financial career in credit at the Deutsche Bank. His banking experience would later land him in the Longacre Management– a multi-billion-dollar distressed debt hedge fund. Besides he also worked at Chanin Capital Partners as an advising credit committee in bankruptcy.

During Adrangi’s tenure, Kerrisdale Capital would publish various reports about the telecommunication segment, where he shares cynical views on dish network, Globalstar, Straight Path Communications in addition to ViaSat Inc, and more information click here.

In a nutshell, Sahm Adrangi is a great leader. He understands his particular roles to the latter, for instance, he led the Kerrisdale Capital Management into a unique path that focused much of its attention in the specific areas of specialization in spite of the fact that the firm was supposed to work closely with the other corporations and groups that shares the research they conduct. Many areas were selected such as the mining sector as well the Biotechnology Sector. In as a much as the Biotechnology segment was concerned it was in the public domain that Adrangi Sahm had begun engaging some companies such as the Bavarian Nordic, Zafegen, Pulse Biosciences, Sage Therapeutics, Zafgen, Unilife, as well as many others in carrying research on the development stages.

More so, Sahm Adrangi promoted a healthy working condition for those that served in the company, and his Facebook.