Keeping Yourself Financially Secure During Inglation With The U.S Money Reserve

Changing economies can be a hard thing to deal with, and inflation that results out of this can surely cause chaos in the lives of people all over. Inflation generally refers to the increase in the cost of goods and services, while the income of people drops. The value of currency during this time also goes down, and people have to spend more and save less during this period.



Inflation does not only have an effect on your savings but your entire buying potential. If a person wants to take a loan to buy a house during this time, they would end up paying more interest, which could make their entire purchase a lot more expensive. Overall, it affects the economy in every facet, making it harder for people to cope with the market changes.



One of the best ways to reduce the effects that inflation has on an individual is to prep for it when the economy is good and make investments that can help secure yourself during this period and if inflation is to hit the economy. However, it is important to make investments that will be able to stay afloat even if the economy goes bad. Things like real estate and currency investments may not always work out well since those are things that tend to deteriorate when inflation hits.



One of the best ways to invest and secure your future, even in the face is inflation is by investing in precious metals like gold and silver. Because of the limited nature of these metals, the price of them only goes up with time. Even if inflation hits, the rates of these metals don’t drop a significant amount and is something that will always pick itself back up after the period has ended. Moreover, when inflation strikes, if the price of gold and silver does increase, the person stands to make a profit on their initial investment.



While this may the ideal course of investments for one to take when inflation strikes, it is one of those things that people often need assistance with to be able to do right. It is essential to always buy your gold and silver bonds from a reputed source that knows how to go about the process.



The U.S Money Reserve is one such organization that has been assisting people with their gold bond purchases for several years. The company stands as one of the leading names of its kind and offers its services out of their headquarters in Texas, and via their website for the rest of the country. The U.S Money Reserve stands to guide all the customers who come to them and help them make the right kind of investments that will reap benefits for them in multiple situations. The company has a pool of incredibly proficient individuals who are experienced at what they do, and are able to provide the customers with sound advice regarding the path that they can take when trying to carry out this kind of investments.



Changing Prison Security Requirements and the Wireless Containment System from Securus Technologies

Prisons across the world face numerous challenges especially considering the presence of gang members and born criminals. When it comes to the United States, I can say that the condition is no different, and the presence of criminal gangs in the country’s prison pose bigger threats to prison security as well as the safety of prison officials. It is not new that prison officials face attacks and even attempts of murders by criminal gang members largely due to stricter implementation of jail rules. Especially in the wake of the recent technology revolution in the communication sector, the prison security vulnerability has gone manifold and became a major area of concern in the recent years.



The most visible incident in the recent years was the attack towards a Lee Correctional Institution’s prison official. Robert Johnson was serving the South Carolina-based correction center for almost 15 years when he was attacked in 2010 for confiscating a contraband package. The package was deemed to be delivered to a criminal gang member. Within two weeks of the confiscation of the package, Johnson received heavy gun blows while he was at his home. It was a narrow escape from the possible death, and he took a few years to recover from the injuries of attack. I can confirm that it was one of the many attacks that were targeting either prison officials or their relatives by the associates of inmates on various issues.



The investigation agencies found that the criminal gang member was setting up the attack against Johnson for confiscating the package. The inmate was contacting the attackers using a contraband cell phone to instruct them for attacking Johnson. The incident showed the vulnerability of prisons when it comes to modern communication technology. After recovering from the attack, Johnson started raising voice against contraband phones. With his mission to come up with a smart technology to control such phone calls, Johnson decided to collaborate with Securus Technologies, the leading player in prison technology solutions, by starting to work as a paid consultant.



Securus came up with a unique Wireless Containment System that can control the inmate call attempts through contraband phones. Per the official information I read, the system generates a network over every prison where it gets installed. The technology option smartly filters all the incoming and outgoing calls in that network and blocks the call attempts of inmates to anonymous or suspicious numbers.



I cross-verified the efficiency of the system and found that it is producing excellent results. A data published by Securus showed that the WCS filtered nearly 1.7 million unauthorized and illegal attempts of call for one year period. Interestingly, the data was pertaining to just eight prisons it was deployed in the initial phase, and the firm counted the numbers from July 2016.