Travelling Vineyard Business

Wine, friends, conversations, and money are a great combination which is a reality with Traveling Vineyard business opportunity. Many women and especially stay-at-home moms are taking this opportunity. The company sells directly to consumers through the wine guides, who get a commission for wines they sell. Wine guides set up wine tasting in their own homes or somewhere else, thus expanding their network circles.

The way Traveling Vineyards works is similar to the selling of products from home, but a little different. The addition of new members is much easier and friendlier. The only job is to love wine and share it with others. With time the business creates a significant passive income. With time wine guides can start selling and use more opportunities to get an extra flow of money. They can mentor new guides or build a network and their Linkedin.

The great thing about wine is that it is not something unnecessary that has to be commercialized fervently. Wine is something taken on a daily basis and once guests like the taste of it can come back for more on their own. The initial startup cost is $189 for which the newcomer receives all equipment for two events. No wine training is required to start with hosting tasting events since all the information that one needs is in the starter kit guide. There is also an online community that can always answer any questions. The money earned comes from the orders people place at tasting gatherings. As the orders increase, the commission price increases. There is also a personal website in which clients can order online, with a commission for the owner. The average income from each tasting event is $80-$100 and learn more about Traveling.

Wine guides do not face the pressure of generating minimum sales to keep their positions. As monthly sales increase so does the commission rate. Wine guides can freely use their own Traveling Vineyard social media profile to attract wine lovers from their area. Creating new networks creates more income opportunities for the wine guide and Traveling Vineyards lacrosse camp.

Working from home in this way can be a great side job. Some people manage to make Traveling Vineyards their main source of income. Many mothers with children take this opportunity. It is a great way to make effortless money while enjoying the company of family and friends. And best of all, the wine is great! and more information click here.

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