The Impressive Resume Of Jacob Gottlieb

Most people don’t have high-paying jobs, tons of money, and other luxuries handed down to them via inheritance from parents, family members, godparents, and other loved ones.


Those that are fortunate enough to be born into relative wealth are more likely to succeed in life. Although he’s doing considerably well for himself now, Jacob Gottlieb never knew the silver-spoon-fed beginnings of life.


This Jacob Gottlieb holds a degree at the bachelor’s level from the always-prestigious Brown University – yes, the Ivy League-belonging Brown University – a medical doctorate from New York University, and certifications including Certified Financial Advisor and being approved by the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association to appropriately manage risk in large-scale hedge funds.


Mr. Gottlieb has worked for some of the largest hedge funds in the United States of America. His most recent position held at a hedge fund was the dual titles of Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner of Visium Asset Management, LLC. He’s also devoted his business acumen and countless certifications to Balyasny Asset Management, L.P., as well as London, England’s very own Merlin Financial. He’s also been employed by Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., LLC.


Even though New York City is one of the largest economic centers on planet Earth, let alone in the worldwide national economic leader that is the United States of America, roughly one of every six New York City citizens are forced to hit food pantries, soup kitchens, and other providers of no-cost food and drink just to get by.

Anderson Cooper, Jacob Gottlieb Among Guests at Lisa Bezos Hosted Windward School Benefit

As such, especially considering that Jacob Gottlieb has plenty of money to provide to such organizations without going broke, Mr. Gottlieb genuinely enjoys providing monetary assistance and in-person volunteer help to causes like Robin Hood, a nonprofit that helps provide food and support services to people that are homeless, out of work, poor, or otherwise struggling.

Jim Larkin – On topic article

Jim Larkin was an Irish industrial trade union leader that helped paved the way for workers’ rights in Ireland. Jim Larkin was also a socialist and activist who was born on January 21, 1876, to Irish parents that emigrated to Liverpool, England. As a child growing up in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Liverpool, Larkin had to help supplement his family’s income by working at various odd jobs. He began his socialistic views during 1893 and joined the Independent Labour Party around this time as well.


During 1905, Jim Larkin worked as a dock foreman and became a member of the National Union Dock Labourers after joining the Liverpool dockers on strike. The NUDL assigned him as a trade union organizer and Larkin’s first task was to organize dock workers in several locations in Scotland and Ireland. After the NUDL caught wind of Jim Larkin’s questionable strike methods, they moved him to Dublin, Ireland. Larkin’s expulsion from the NUDL only fueled him to form his own union, the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union, ITGWU, during early 1908. He longed for all of Ireland’s industrial workers to belong to one union and to receive fair wages and better working conditions. He used the ITGWU as a solid base for his idea and began successfully unionizing workers across Ireland.


In 1913, Larkin and the ITGWU went on sympathetic strikes and were soon involved in one of Dublin’s largest industrial disputes ever recorded. The ‘1913 Dublin Lockout‘ took place and it involved roughly 20,000 workers non-violently disputing 300 employers. The workers went on strike and boycotted for seven months, affecting over 100,000 families, workers and employers. The workers won their rights to fair employment and helped the modern industrial movement. In 1979, a memorial statue of Jim Larkin was unveiled and it was aptly placed on O’Connell Street in Dublin, Ireland. An inscription on the west side of the statue’s base features a quote from the poem “Jim Larkin” by Patrick Kavanagh. Jim Larkin passed away in 1947, he had four sons and a wife named Emily Brown.

Sean Penn’s Book Speaks to His Beliefs

Sean Penn has debuted at fifty-seven as a novelist with the March release of “Bob Honey Who Just do Stuff” which details Bob Honey’s life as a political activist. He is driven to commit violent acts by his anger when letter writing campaigns do not produce results for his desperation for change, and his fervent ideology.


The exploits of Bob Honey were motivated by Penn’s political beliefs, the book appears to be a critic of Trump’s administration. Sean Penn has traveled to places such as Cuba, Iran and Iraq over the last few decades in efforts to promote world peace and democracy internationally. Penn recently interviewed El Chapo, a Mexican drug lord.


Sean Penn is outspoken when it comes to his feelings about the Trump administration and its policies. Penn referred to Trump as being mankind’s enemy during a Time Magazine opinion piece.


Sean Penn as an Author


The references to anti-Trump are not subtle in the novel which is a unique way to deal with today’s political movements and the Trump Resistance. “Mr. Landlord” is the name of the president in “Bob Honey Who Just do Stuff” which is a reference to the status of Trump as a hotel tycoon and billionaire. There are also six pages reflecting the #MeToo movement.


The pages of reflection have gotten criticism from the New York Times and Rolling Stone who did not expect the novel to include women’s issues. Married to Madonna during the late eighties Sean Penn is not a stranger to strong women. Penn believes the #metoo movement is not helping woman but rather reducing the effectiveness of the movement.


Penn believes that discussion is vital to defend women from sexual harassment and advance them in the workplace. He wants to know how to get victims to speak out without having them be shamed or getting harassed.

William Saito and his insights about the burst of the economic bubble and the impact on startups.

William Saito and his insights about the burst of the economic bubble and the impact on startups.


William H Saito is based in Tokyo and has the expertise of providing advisory services for startups and works with the Innovation Centre for Start-ups (INCS). Speaking at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), William Saito gave his insight about how the economic turmoil has negatively impacted on the capabilities of startup entrepreneurs to set up businesses. In Japan, however, the situation has not changed even though startups still face some barriers but not impacted upon by the burst of the economic bubble. Also, Wiliam Saito points out that in times of financial crisis, it is the appropriate time to create a self-sustainable business. He vehemently argues that access to capital during the time of an economic crisis is not as easy compared to when the market is stable. This development to counter budgetary constraints equips one with the fiscal responsibilities such as appropriate allocation of capital are crucial when it comes to building a sustainable business. One can experience real-world issues of business, and one sharpens their wit regarding budgetary management.


Mr Saito is optimistic that the habit developed during hard economic times would spearhead one to success in the good years when the market is stable. Despite the differences in culture between the West and Asia, Mr Saito puts forward that the only difference between the two markets is how individuals willing to set up startups perceive risk. He also added that seldom do the culture in Asia yield to failure and most businesses won’t quit due to the probability of failure. On the other hand, most entrepreneurs and investors of startups in the western world always bounce back and use failure as a stepping stone to achieve better things in the future. William Saito is a renowned figure in Japan and has been ranked among the 100 people that are most influential in Japan a survey conducted by Nikkei. The life history of William is a fascinating one having ventured into programming at a tender age and by the time he was in high school he was already an entrepreneur. Currently, William Saito has been providing his advisory offices to prominent figures in Japan such as the Prime Minister for the Japan Government. Furthermore, Mr Saito has worked with the Cabinet Office and the former Vice Chair for Palo Alto Networks Japan. He also sits on the board of directors of the World Economic Forum and provides insights about trends in the market and the economy to governments around the world.

William Saito Has the Skills and More

William Saito is a Japanese American businessman and venture capitalist who was born in Los Angeles California. William at one point of his work career was an advisor to the government of Japan specializing in cyber security which is the protection of computer systems from the theft and damage to hardware, software or information.

William Saito Education

Damien High School



University of California, Riverside



University of California, Los Angeles

Studies: Joint Biomedical Science Program


William Saito Professional, Business Skills

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Risk Management
  • Corporate and Business
  • Global Strategy
  • International Business
  • Board of Directors
  • Analysis
  • Incorporation
  • Cloud Computing
  • Software Development

William Saito Career

William Saito focused on his computer security career at a very young age he was a junior in high school. In 1991 while attending the University of California, Riverside William incorporated The Firm I /O Software. William as a young intelligent software developer created a system that displayed Japanese characters in a software written in English. William Saito Also developed a fingerprint recognition software system that was used by an electronic corporate giant Sony.


William Saito as I/O Software in 2000 was offered a partnership with Microsoft to enhance their authentication technology for future Microsoft Windows software versions. In 2004 William sold the I/O Software Business assets to Microsoft and moved to Japan where he began his successful career as a Venture Capitalist investing in numerous Japanese start-ups.


William Saito Accomplishments

William Saito is a businessman of many various skills and through the years he has provided some impressive services for various reasons.

1.In March 2011 the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster occurred. William provided IT and Tech support to the National Diet Committee towards investigating the disaster.

2.William was a top advisor to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in reference to cybersecurity issues.

3.2013 to 2017 William Saito was the cybersecurity advisor to the Cabinet Office.

4.2016 to 2017 William was the cybersecurity advisor to the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry.

5.William Saito was named in 2011 a Young Global Leader of the world economic forum.

William Saito Services from Information Technology to wise Investments as a Venture Capitalist has aided and assisted various walks of life around the world. Thanks to Williams dedication and long impressive list of professional skills. William is the man with a meaningful plan.

Prof. Kamil Idris and His Involvment in WASD and Intellectual Property Rights Advocacy

There are many organizations right now in the world that may be adding more harm, instead of generating solutions. Most of what are called interventionistas today are non-profit organizations that intervene in organic dynamics of a nation, but end up adding more harm and fragility to the system, instead of making it stronger. However, there are also organizations like the World Association for Sustainable Development that attempt to provide solutions in the most organic way possible.

What is WASD

WASD is a collective that has a strong network across a diversity of interest groups and advocates of various causes, including policy makers, researchers, writers, artists, consultants and job providers across the entire world. These groups help generate solutions that address developmental challenges in the country. If you’re an expert who wants to broaden your reach in the operations of your non-profit group, you can easily build a network with the directory of contacts available at WASD. One of the experts today who support WASD is Prof. Kamil Idris

World Intellectual Property Rights Day Advocacy

You may already have heard Prof. Kamil Idris from the different conferences on intellectual property. In one of the most recent events, we heard Prof. Idris address the most pressing issues and necessity of integrating national policies about intellectual property rights in a country’s institution. We also heard from him that despite the fact that this issue is not a household topic, innovation is dampened when we don’t have the right responsive solutions and protection for intellectual rights. The innovators and risk-takers deserve the admiration that they get, but what’s more important to them is the protection and incentives that they need to keep on generating wonderful solutions. With Prof. Idris’ support, there will now be an active movement to make sure that every community can be inspired to create products that benefit the society.

About Director General Kamil Idris

Prof. Idris is the President of the esteemed International Court of Arbitration and Mediation (ICAM). He has a PhD LLB degree, and is a Sudanese national. He was also a former diplomat and civil servant for international affairs.

Sussex Healthcare Welcomes New CEO And New Gym Facility

Sussex has recently names a new CEO; Amanda Morgan-Taylor has joined Sussex Healthcare. As their new CEO, she has already created change within the company. Amanda Morgan-Taylor has already named a new Director of Quality, Compliance and Service Improvement.

About Amanda Morgan-Taylor

Amanda Morgan-Taylor first entered the medical industry as a nurse in the 1980s. She has the experience to guide Sussex Healthcare to a brighter future. During her previous positions in the medical industry, she learned exactly what it takes to work progressively with a team.

She has pledged to make herself available to patients and customers. Her choice as CEO is an indicator that Sussex Healthcare is completely devoted to the happiness and well-being of their patients and residents.


About Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is a group of retirement home communities in the United Kingdom. The company was created in April of 1998 after a merger between East Surrey Healthcare and Crawley Horsham.

Sussex Healthcare provides 20 living and nursing homes. Sussex Healthcare’s homes are not only limited to the healthy; Individuals with neurological disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s are welcome in Sussex’s facilities as well.

Sussex Healthcare’s facilities are filled with the most professional nurses in the industry. The nurses are tasked with providing exactly what each patients needs. Nurses provide specialized experiences and healthcare for each and every individual.

Recently, Sussex opened up a brand new gym that is specially outfitted to support the elderly and disabled. The gym is located in West Sussex. The gym contains elliptical machines, free weights, stationary bikes, underwater treadmills and a current pool. Hot tubs are near the pool for hydro therapeutic purposes.

The gym is completely staffed by expert trainers. Many of the trainers in the facility are trained professionally in specific subjects. The staff works cooperatively to come out with a work-out plan for each individual patient of Sussex Healthcare.

For more information about Sussex Healthcare, just click

Whitney Wolfe Gets To The Heart Of Bumble Lawsuit

Things are heating up as the competition between Tinder and Bumble take the center stage. There are a ton of dating apps like Hinge, Christians Mingle, BlackPeopleMeet, Plenty of Fish, and OkCupid. All of these apps are similar in that people tend to swipe left for those that they do not like and they swipe right for people that they are interested in.

Tinder and Bumble have this commonality. This is what the parent group of Tinder is trying to sue Whitney work for, but several apps have this same structure. There are claims that a lot of the structure for Bumble is the exact same as the structure for Tinder. There definitely are some similarities, but Whitney Wolfe has the perfect explanation for this.


Whitney Wolfe has always stated that she was more than just another pretty face in the office at Tinder. Even though she did not get the credit that she felt she rightfully deserved Whitney Wolfe has always stated that she was one of the co-creators of Tinder. Her inability to get the credit for her hard work is one of the main reasons that she decided to leave Tinder. It is also the reason that made plans to utilize a similar platform that she helped create for her own site.

Whitney Wolfe does not believe that this type of lawsuit has any type of validity because she has been such a major contributor to Tinder. It is the work that she did with the site that has helped her become as popular as it is.

If there is any possibility that this lawsuit goes through it is almost a given that Whitney Wolfe, Salt Lake City entrepreneur with a plethora of business ideas up her sleeve, will strike back with a lawsuit of her own. It has been stated recently that Tinder is in the process of creating a platform where women make the first move. This is exactly what Whitney Wolfe did with Bumble to make this app stand out.

If their lawsuit has any type of grounds for suing Whitney Wolfe will easily have the same ability to counter-sue with a lawsuit where Tinder is essentially copying the Bumble dating app platform structure.

The Rival is definitely intense, and the talk about these apps continues to build more discussion about the strength of dating apps for the technology-based millennial generation and beyond.

What The Chainsmokers Can Do Next

There is plenty to look at when you see the Chainsmokers and realize that the music duo has plenty of hits in its past yet still manages to have plenty to leave us wanting more. They have made themselves some of the most respected music producers out there by giving the world their unique take on music. That is why this duo is going to make a big impression with their next album. They’ve shown they can get college crowds going and they’ve shown they know how to make people dance to music in concerts worldwide. The next move is to find a way to turn that into something more serious.

As we grow older we decide that we want to do different things that what we did as in our youth. We may have spent our youth at parties but we certainly don’t want to do that forever. This is why the Chainsmokers have decided to use this darker direction. It represents a change from just about everything they have done before. That maturity is going to help them find a new audience and expand as their traditional audience gets older and decides they want to enjoy something different. This is how musicians develop legacies that will continue onward.

You don’t need to look far to see examples of the Chainsmokers and why they’ve created so much buzz. There is a unique way of doing music this duo has perfected and that only they can deliver. The crowds certainly it but they may need to some variety in order to keep up at the end of the day. We can’t say for certain how the crowds are going to respond to this but they should see it in a positive light. It’s a new direction for the Chainsmokers and they are eager to let everyone know this. The time and devotion put into this recent single is something on par with the efforts they made when they first tried to enter the industry. It’s only a matter of time before we things even greater than we are seeing now.

Keeping Yourself Financially Secure During Inglation With The U.S Money Reserve

Changing economies can be a hard thing to deal with, and inflation that results out of this can surely cause chaos in the lives of people all over. Inflation generally refers to the increase in the cost of goods and services, while the income of people drops. The value of currency during this time also goes down, and people have to spend more and save less during this period.



Inflation does not only have an effect on your savings but your entire buying potential. If a person wants to take a loan to buy a house during this time, they would end up paying more interest, which could make their entire purchase a lot more expensive. Overall, it affects the economy in every facet, making it harder for people to cope with the market changes.



One of the best ways to reduce the effects that inflation has on an individual is to prep for it when the economy is good and make investments that can help secure yourself during this period and if inflation is to hit the economy. However, it is important to make investments that will be able to stay afloat even if the economy goes bad. Things like real estate and currency investments may not always work out well since those are things that tend to deteriorate when inflation hits.



One of the best ways to invest and secure your future, even in the face is inflation is by investing in precious metals like gold and silver. Because of the limited nature of these metals, the price of them only goes up with time. Even if inflation hits, the rates of these metals don’t drop a significant amount and is something that will always pick itself back up after the period has ended. Moreover, when inflation strikes, if the price of gold and silver does increase, the person stands to make a profit on their initial investment.



While this may the ideal course of investments for one to take when inflation strikes, it is one of those things that people often need assistance with to be able to do right. It is essential to always buy your gold and silver bonds from a reputed source that knows how to go about the process.



The U.S Money Reserve is one such organization that has been assisting people with their gold bond purchases for several years. The company stands as one of the leading names of its kind and offers its services out of their headquarters in Texas, and via their website for the rest of the country. The U.S Money Reserve stands to guide all the customers who come to them and help them make the right kind of investments that will reap benefits for them in multiple situations. The company has a pool of incredibly proficient individuals who are experienced at what they do, and are able to provide the customers with sound advice regarding the path that they can take when trying to carry out this kind of investments.